Mandarin Chinese Language Institute in Dwarka, Delhi, Mandarin is the official dialect of China. Also known as Putonghua.

As per the name of our centre goes Mandarin Chinese Language institute, we provide highly systematic course in Chinese language. Mandarin is the most spoken and used dialect of China. Our institute is located in Dwarka, Delhi. Our teachers are highly experienced in teaching Chinese language. 

Mandarin Chinese Language Institute located in Dwarka Delhi. We are open from Monday till Sunday and Office working hours is 10 AM till 7:00 PM. 

This course is customized for all the businessmen who are dealing with Chinese companies situated in China or in India itself. The course will be designed according to the needs of the personnel with respect to his business requirements.

Our training program helps students to develop their communication skills both in spoken and listening forms in order to conduct business in a Chinese Language environment. We also focus on written Chinese known as Hanzi to insure student can go through basic documents. The program focuses on business conversation in Chinese, business terminologies. Chinese course contents are customized according to student’s requirements.

Pattern of the classes

·         Batches with minimum number of students

·         3 exams – which includes reading, writing and speaking

·         1 hour and 30mins class thrice a week

2 hour class twice a week


Special introduction will be given about Chinese applications and Chinese podcast for self improvement and vocabulary enhancement.


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